Interested in joining the club team at the Ohio State University?

  1. Fill out the contact form – HERE
  2. Join the Facebook group “Ohio State Wrestling Club
  3. Like and follow us on social media!
    1. Facebook
  4. First you must register with the NCWA (National Collegiate Wrestling Association). This is for liability reasons in case you get hurt during practice. There will be a $35 fee.
    1. Go to the athlete registration section on the NCWA.
    2. Select The Ohio State University as your school.
    3. The school code is “OSU555”
    4. Coach’s name is “David Rourke”
    5. Administrator’s name is “Teneshia Arnold”
  5. After you are registered with the NCWA you will need to submit a “Waiver and Release of Liability” to one of the officers of the club. You can also get this form – HERE
  6. Pay your membership fees.
    1. The membership fee will be a $300 fee, this will cover your apparel, travel/lodging and competition fees.
    2. This fee will be paid in person to the assistant coach – Lucas Williamson
    3. All members will be expected to attend all of the NCWA sanctioned events.

MTSU Blue Raider Open 11/7/2015
All Ohio Duals 11/14/2015
Michigan Tri Meet 11/22/2015
Defiance Dual Meet 12/5/2015
National Duals 1/22/2016
Penn State Beaver Quad 1/24/2016
Glass City Duals 2/14/2016
Great Lakes Conference 2/27/2016